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    16 February 2024

    Mastering Work Hours: Time & Attendance Solutions


    • Keeping track of work hours is vital to ensure employees are paid accurately.
    • With a cloud-based time and attendance solution, companies can simplify timekeeping and reduce the likelihood of payroll errors.
    • At MPEX, we offer innovative time & attendance solutions to help businesses keep tabs on their workforce and simplify daily HR processes. Request an online demo today! 

     Not so long ago, timecards and punch clocks were the usual ways of tracking employee work hours. These often involved delays, payroll errors, and dealing with frustrated employees and managers. Fortunately, smarter and more convenient time & attendance solutions have entered the picture, leaving all that hassle behind.

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    05 January 2024

    Time Clock Software: Why to Choose MPEX

    • Businesses need to track employee hours to calculate salaries and wages accurately.
    • Time clock software makes it easy to manage time and attendance, saving HR teams valuable time.
    • At MPEX, we provide an integral workforce management system to help businesses capture time and attendance and process payroll from a single source. Request a demo to get started!

    Tracking employees’ working hours is key to calculating salaries and wages, staying compliant with labor laws and regulations, and gaining insight into attendance patterns and labor costs. However, it can be painfully time-consuming. With time clock software, HR teams can speed up the process and easily gather all necessary data.

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    22 December 2023


    December is an intense month for managers. Towards the end of the year, everything suddenly becomes urgent and a priority. That's not all! On a personal level, the schedule is also filled with holiday preparations and plans. The preparations for Christmas and New Year are very demanding. 

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    06 December 2023

    5 HR Best Practices to Manage a Productive Workforce in 2024


    • Flexible work arrangements help companies reduce turnover rates while keeping employees happy and engaged.
    • Choosing the right tools is vital to monitor productivity and ensure everyone is paid fairly and on time.
    • At MPEX Business Solutions we provide workforce management software to help companies handle HR tasks like time-tracking, employee scheduling, and Canadian payroll. Contact us to get started!
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    08 November 2023


    Our product is steel. Our strength is people.

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    18 October 2023

    Being a manager: Sometimes it’s scary!

    Photo by Bianca Ackermann on Unsplash

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    22 September 2023

    Preventing absenteeism at work

    Workplace absenteeism poses a significant challenge. It places considerable strain on employees, work teams, and on the entire organization. In this article, we'll delve into understanding the root causes of absenteeism and its consequences. Ultimately, we'll explore avenues to tackle this issue, gradually cultivating a more balanced and productive professional environment.\

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    25 August 2023


    Over decades, time and attendance, HRIS, and payroll systems have come a long way. It's fair to say they have reached a certain level of maturity, becoming essential tools in daily employee management.  

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    19 July 2023


    We are all striving to adopt more environmentally friendly practices today. One area where companies can make a significant difference is the transition from paper to digital. Of course, this requires effort, but the benefits are well worth it. In the office, for example, an increase in operational efficiency can be quickly noticed. 

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    14 June 2023

    JUNE: Two Important Holidays!!

    Last month we shined light on all of the super moms and all they have done for us. This month, we highlight how important the role of the father is in the lives of children.

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