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    10 May 2023

    Happy Mother's Day To All Working Moms!

    Sunday, May 14th, is Mother's Day in Quebec. It is traditionally a time to celebrate a mom's love, dedication, and unconditional support.

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    11 April 2023

    What MPEX is Doing to Protect Your Personal Data

    With law 25 coming into full effect very soon, it is necessary that your company takes the proper steps and measures to assure the implementation of policies regarding the act. Company-wide implementation and training of new policies are crucial in the success of keeping data and personal information safe. We at MPEX have already imposed many measures, and continue to adapt our policies, as well as educate our staff, to comply with all of the personal data security requirements regarding the new law.

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    14 March 2023

    What every Business should know about the New Privacy Law 25!


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    13 February 2023

    Fall in Love with the simplicity of MX Solution!

    February. Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect time to fall in love with MX Solution. Why? Simply because its precision, its power and simplicity will appeal to your managers and employees.

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    24 January 2023

    New Year's Updates

    A new year is the perfect time to step back and plan activities to improve your business performance. In our last blog post, we detailed some of the most interesting trends for 2023 in business practices and human resources. 

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    28 December 2022

    New year, new practices

    With the new year upon us, it is time to take a look back at 2022. Evaluating the good and the bad is crucial, as it allows us to draw conclusions that will guide decisions for the new year. This way, your entire organisation, and its employees can benefit from an even better year in 2023.

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    18 November 2022

    Managing Public Holidays

    At first glance, public holidays are not very complicated. They refer to a national, cultural, or religious holiday on which workers are legally entitled to time off. 

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    27 October 2022

    How to manage the integration of your foreign employees?

    With the labour shortage, many companies are looking to fill their positions by recruiting from abroad.

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    16 September 2022

    How do you manage the back-to-school period with your employees?

    After the summer vacations, the start of the school year brings its share of adjustments for parents who have children in school and for employees who are still in school. These changes put additional pressure on them and their families. 

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    22 August 2022

    How to manage your employees during vacation seasons?

    With summer being the most popular time to go on vacation, supervisors and managers can feel overwhelmed with inboxes full of vacation requests.

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