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    18 June 2015

    Biometrics boost ROI combined with a Time and Attendance solution

    In this installment on Time and Attendance ROI (return on investment), we examine savings a properly configured time and attendance system can produce.  You just might be surprised since in the absence of an automated time and attendance system, companies lose productivity, overpay employees, and become distracted by the manual tasks of managing their staff.

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    25 May 2015

    Is Biometric Illegal In Time & Attendance?

    At dawn, the second day shift at an Indiana semiconductor chips maker is beginning. Employees press their index finger on a scanner to identify them through their fingerprints as they walk into the facility to begin their workday.

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    28 November 2014

    Benefit of a unified staff management tool

    Why is it so hard for executives and non-unionized employees to show proof of their works and give their expense account on time? After all it is the only way for them of receiving their remuneration in time and according to the policy of their company.

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    31 July 2013

    On-Premises or SaaS Employee Scheduling

    The efficient way to manage employee scheduling in today’s retail landscape.

    Overwhelmed by spreadsheets, punch cards and manual processes? Don’t stress – MPEX has the tools you need to save time and increase productivity.

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