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    03 August 2020

    How to Minimize Wasted Time to Optimize Human Resources Efficiency

    According to research from, in the modern business world today, over 85% of employees waste at least some form of time at work on their day to day.   Moreover, in terms of a specific breakdown of time wasted, over 30 % of employees waste half an hour of company time and the top 10% of employees waste three or more hours each day. Collectively, this translates to not only pain points in lost time (over 15 hours per week of lost productivity) but also major pain points to a company's budget. 

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    16 November 2018

    Leadership in Managing Multiple Locations

    Expanding your company’s operations is and should be an exciting and rewarding venture.  With continued success, come opportunities for growth.  With this, is the underlining principle of being proactive and structured when managing multiple locations.  

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    18 September 2018

    Tips for Employers Managing Part-time Millennials

    If you’re an employer managing a part-time Millennial workforce, you know that it requires a different management style than times past.

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    17 September 2018

    Take Advantage of the Growing Part-Time Workforce with These 12 Tips

    In decades past, most professionals were only interested in adding full-time positions to their resumes. Today, a growing number of people are seeking more flexible, part-time positions to give them more freedom in how they live their lives and manage their time.

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    14 September 2018

    Properly Managing Part-time employees

    According to Stats Canada, less than half of Canadians worked full-time jobs in 2015. Moreover from the demographic of Canadians aged 25 to 54, less than 50% work full-time as they are shifting away from traditional employment to more part-time and pat-year work.

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    13 September 2018

    What Is the Right Level of Turnover? That Depends on a Lot

    While some turnover is healthy and ensures an influx of new ideas and perspectives into your company, high levels of turnover are generally detrimental. Nobody wants their organization to develop a reputation for having a revolving door.

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    12 September 2018

    3 Strategic Rules for Solving High Employee Turnover

    Dealing with employee turnover is a difficult cycle for any company to manage. Establishing a solidified group of employees can be a tough task, especially with the constant notion of having to recycle your internal core.

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    28 August 2017

    Explore Time and Attendance Solutions

    Say Goodbye to carbon footprints. here is the answer to your time and attendance challenges.

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    17 August 2015

    How to manage absenteeism with dashboard?

    Some days you wished you were anywhere but at work troubleshooting unanticipated problems. You’re in charge of a production floor in a mid-sized manufacturing plant and that day of yours which started so beautifully with everything going smoothly just turned into a nightmare at 1pm. One of your employees hasn’t showed up after the lunch break.  

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    28 July 2015

    How to figure out project and job costing profitability?

    When a small or mid-sized company is involved in projects located hundred of miles away from its head office, how do you manage staff related to project costing? This type of playing field can get tricky when it comes down to have the right tools to reign in your job cost evaluation biding.

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