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    13 July 2015

    Stones Age or Self Service?



    The world has greatly evolved since the advent of the caveman. We come from a time when our ancestors wrote on stones with stones. And today, as we well know, things have quite changed for the better.

    Yet, many managers today feels like they are stuck in a Stones Age era, a business world where paper is still used while conducting business digitally.  Why is that so?

    For example, let’s take one manager’s morning workload. He’s got a lot on his plate. He just learned two of his employees won’t hit the plant floor due to family reasons. The manager has to find two available people to fill in.  He needs to act quickly or else the client orders will start lagging before noon.

    On top of that, he has to process employee handwritten timesheets.  And all management levels need them by noon at the latest. Paper timesheets can be a real travail when you have to take into account deciphering each employee’s handwriting. It takes time and most of all, misinterpretations of what’s written down are common and mistakes often ensue.

    As a result, there are registered loss time for both the company and workers.  And let’s not underestimate the subsequent squabbles between those involved before the error gets fixed.

    The solution? A paperless communication between management and staff; or more simply, a digital and centralized self service for employees and management, all based in the cloud.

    A self-service like the MX Self Manager ( ESS ) allied to a time and attendance tool such as the MX Smart Tracker will allow employee entering working hours from cell phones, tablets or computers.

    This enables HR managers, paymasters and production managers to efficiently and quickly proceed staff timesheets and requests, freeing time for important duties.  It’s astonishingly powerful since from a single entry source (the employee), management can get multiple levels of approbation all at once, in a simple click, from wherever they are, even when commuting to work; and hasta la vista deciphering workers handwriting!

    Today in the 21st century, top management is still looking to implement this type of technology often met with resistance from lower management.  Staff can also be a problem.  The fear of change and the unknown are often the culprits.  The need and believed burden in learning a new technology too.

    This shouldn’t be the case in any way, the learning curve to grasp next generation software systems such as MX Solution suite is just a matter of a few hours for employees and a single day on the management end.  And everyone can benefit from newest technologies!  No more wrangling between workers and supervisors over request for leave or worked overtime.

    If, for any reason, some employees still don’t have access to the Internet, offer them the use of a plant floor computer terminal. An old or underused computer will do the job just fine. The only thing needed for workers would be a personal code to access their secured digital timesheets record.

    Today, those entrenched in the Stones Age of Time & Attendance are losing time and money and only gaining the hassles that come with it.  Why not leave the Caveman to its age and jump into our MPEX world of self-service?

    We are already living today’s future, the self-service way of life. Discover how you can gain cost savings and therefore money.

    To get a better idea on a ROI using the MX Self Manager please contact an MPEX representative to generate a cost savings.

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