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    17 August 2015

    How to manage absenteeism with dashboard?

    Some days you wished you were anywhere but at work troubleshooting unanticipated problems. You’re in charge of a production floor in a mid-sized manufacturing plant and that day of yours which started so beautifully with everything going smoothly just turned into a nightmare at 1pm. One of your employees hasn’t showed up after the lunch break.  


    You know him, you’ve personally trained him and acknowledge that this worker’s productivity is plain terrific. He’s a key player in your production team. But you know also about his… personal problems… with substance abuse.  Usually, when this happens, the production floor’s black sheep will turn up one hour late, around 2pm.  Worst case scenario he’ll be back next morning as if nothing had ever happened, giving the excuse that junior had a bad flu and rushed to the emergency room.

    You might not be aware but absenteeism tarnishes companies’ bottom line performance since on average it impacts directly or indirectly 36% of a company payroll.  That’s a huge number for a problem often swept under the rug by many managers. Don’t be fooled, all absences affect your profit margins.  Obviously, paid vacation or paying employee while they’re out sick can be easily accounted for. What about late departure or late arrival, or worst, paying workers during unwanted absence and hiring replacement to fix it?  Workers in absentia often mean costly overtime done by other members of your staff to keep production going and delivering your client’s order on time.  And on top of that, think of all States and Federal regulations you need to keep track of so you do not get yourself in a jam with authorities and trade unions. The piling up of rules could get any sane manager feel dizzy on many occasions.

    There are not two solutions to this kind of ordeal but only one truly:  an automatic system based in the cloud to monitor absenteeism with a dashboard. Automated time and attendance systems offered by Kronos, ADP, Synerion, Ceridian or MPEX business solutions are the key asset your company has been hoping for so long to control your labor cost in a consistent and always reliable way.  With such time and attendance, you get a real-time absenteeism dashboard that liberates managers from manual procedures vulnerable to human errors. You can now start wanting to be at work and be on top of absenteeism!

    With a dynamic cloud base time and attendance, you get to cross-reference rigorous graphics detailing your absenteeism ratio.  This will allow you to make the right decision when facing a problematic worker with time and attendance. Will it be a simple warning for a first offence, some disciplinary action or after a plethora of too many transgressions, a dismissal? With this exhaustive absenteeism assessment tool, you’ll find yourself aptly equipped to be the judge of that.

    Even better, time and attendance automation offers you the proofs needed to defend your decisions if state regulations or a union representative ask for any explanations.  The numbers and graphics will do the talking for you!

    But let’s think in a positive way. A terrific technological absenteeism dashboard solution offers you the opportunity to reward individuals. In North America, some companies have started awarding bonus to workers with the best ‘’showing up’’ rate on their production floor. In one such case, a full bonus is handed to employee without absenteeism and a single nonattendance ends the bonus benefit, and this for every payroll cycle.  This incentive is highly successful and a strong deterrent to workers going AWOL for no good reason.  And the procedure implying the analysis of which employee should benefit or not from a bonus is kid play with a time and attendance cloud base software, asking management no extra time. It can all be computed within one single web solution!

    There is a beauty combining affordable solutions such as MX Smart Tracker and MX Self Manager. Outfitted with such tools, a worker can properly warn a supervisor using his personal account and not get a black mark on his dossier.  Management and workers get what’s best at both ends with this unique solution assuring crystal clear communication between all parties. Everyone benefits!

    MX Smart Tracker is one of the user-friendliest tool for your whole team and the easiest to learn on the market today.

    To get a better idea on a ROI using the MX Smart Tracker please contact an MPEX representative to generate a cost savings.


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